Strategic Storyapps

Strategic Storyapps are specialised apps, built to simultaneously support user resilience and user-centred population research. …

Supporting Research

Research into communities is essential for solving problems. But how do you encourage their participation? …


Find out what people think about us, and the impact we have on their audiences. …

What We Do

Ziggy’s Wish is an APPLIED NARRATIVE TECHNOLOGY company. Applied Narrative Technology is a unique process combining storytelling, therapeutics and technology. We use it to INCREASE ENGAGEMENT and CHANGE ATTITUDES around difficult topics such as mental health, rare disease, conflict, environmental change and trauma. We also use it to SUPPORT RESEARCH.

Public Speaking

We offer inspiring talks, that allow engagement and behaviour-change to be explored in thought-provoking ways. …


We offer Applied Narrative Technology advice and training, to support your engagement and behaviour-change aims. …


We offer adaptable Applied Narrative Technology productions, in multiple mediums, with optional measurement of outcomes. …

Who We Are

Ziggy’s Wish is a small specialist team with a large multidisciplinary network. We treat every enquiry as a problem to be solved with realistic, workable ideas and respect.

Our Directors

Narrative specialist Ravi Thornton founded Ziggy’s Wish (2014), later joined by games technologist Jordi Sola. …

Our Awards

Our unique work at Ziggy’s Wish has been recognised for many awards since we began. …

Our Name

We are often asked where the company name ‘Ziggy’s Wish’ comes from. Ravi Thornton explains. …

Case Studies

We offer Applied Narrative Technology productions in any shape and size, across one or more mediums. We have made stage shows, films, video games and animations, as well as beautifully printed books. No project is too big or too small.


Ravi Thornton
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Jordi Sola
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