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Ravi crafts a safe but aspirational space; which can help artists, practitioners and other stakeholders to share their ideas and experiences. She presents her journey in all its complexities in interesting and engaging ways, and has a knack for delivering important messages with a grace and wisdom that helps the listener feel held when considering issues regarding mental health. The work of Ziggy’s Wish is truly inspirational, and the feedback from our recent Arts in Health event highlights how effective their communication is.

Kat Taylor, Clinical Psychologist & Researcher

What was so powerful about Ravi’s talk to the disabled staff at University of Manchester was the unassuming and quietly spoken way she delivered it. She told a painful personal multilayered story of her experience with purpose and clarity. This made the impact of the innovative work that Ravi and Ziggy’s Wish do resonate strongly with a diverse audience.

Hormoz Ahmadzadeh, Director Result CIC

I sat in on Ravi and Jordi’s talk this year in Brighton (2018) not knowing what I was in for, but came away with actionable insights and a new perspective on the benefits of inclusive design. The introduction to HOAX was inspiring, and seeing the work that went into it cemented it as a master work in my eyes!

Tom Gerbicz, Game Designer, International Hobo Ltd

It was such a pleasure meeting Ravi. Finally someone who speaks my language, she was very inspiring and insightful. I would dearly love to work with her if I had the opportunity.

Lee Simms, event participant