Meet the Ziggy’s Wish team, dedicated to solving complex problems through the science of storytelling.

Ravi Thornton

Our founder and narrative lead, Ravi is a multi-award-winning creative and technical writer of 20 years. She has a keen interest in narrative environments, architectures and psychologies, which, following family tragedy in 2008, became an interest in how these might tangibly apply to social and economic problems.

Alexander Tokarev

Alexander has a background in psychology, organisational psychology and psychometrics; and a genuine desire to use his talents for social improvement. As our psychometrics lead he looks after our behavioural measures, scales and analysis.

Jordi Sola

Our technology lead, Jordi, has 10 years’ software development, UX/UI design, interactive art and  project management experience. He likes to navigate problems, the human mind, and mountains.

Richard Redfern

Taking care of our operational logistics and support, Richard has 16 years’ experience dealing with large international companies in the engineering and industrial sectors. He also has a deep love of theatre, particularly the interplay between design and human attraction.

Our Network

We work with some of the best interactive writers, artists, communicators, creative studios and games developers around.


It was Ziggy who inspired Ravi to formalise narrative responsibility into a company. A beautiful, ex-racing rescue greyhound, he died in 2014. You can read his story here.