Ziggy’s Wish was founded around the question: How can personal trauma transition to individual strength?

It was a question being asked by our founder Ravi Thornton, after she herself had experienced a period of trauma and grief that culminated in 2008 with tragic family loss.

During that period Ravi received therapy; and the sense of individual agency that it gave to her caused her to reflect on why:


The things therapy taught me, the ways it made me think and behave, carried forwards when I found myself dealing with the maelstrom of emotional grief and practical administration that follows loss within immediate family.

I began to get a sense of the resilience I had accumulated and, more importantly, how I had achieved it: through a constant process of subconsciously-strategic storytelling.

Firstly the telling and retelling of my story during therapy; which allowed me to transition from a person in the story to whom things had happened, to a character with far more control.

Secondly the further retelling of my story through an ongoing reshaping of it in order to navigate real-world situations.

I started thinking about this kind of narrative transitioning more and more consciously: talking about it with peers, weaving it onto my work, and pushing its boundaries further…

And I began to consider very seriously the role and the responsibility of narrative within our society.


Ravi then asked the questions:

  • If strategic narrative had helped her to become more resilient, and as we are all hardwired to storytelling, then shouldn’t strategic narrative be able to bring about resilience in anyone?
  • And if strategic narrative can bring about resilience in anyone, then how might we work towards it doing that for everyone?

Thus resilience became our mission.

Since then, over the ten years since that first reflection, we have devised and worked on many projects, all of which have human-centred resilience within the socio-economic landscape at their heart.