We take care when deploying ZW Narrative Resilience Technology, to ensure we get it right.

Our step-by-step approach goes like this:

  • We spend some time with you, discussing you and researching you, to understand the overall picture of your organisation and how your people (employees, patients, trainees, citizens…) fit into it.
  • We meet with you to understand the issues that you wish to engage your people around (transition, training, diversity, lifestyle…), and to explore how ZWNRT can empower your people to change their behaviour in relation to those issues.
  • We identify barriers to engagement that your people may be experiencing, on an emotional and practical level, and create a narrative environment that enables those barriers to be explored and overcome.
  • We design the psychometrics that will offer your people immediate intervention within the narrative environment, for example if they are struggling with a decision, or repeatedly making negative choices.
  • We supply this narrative environment to you in whatever way suits your people best, to provide them with an entertaining and motivating experience.
  • We enable detailed data export out of the narrative environment for deeper behavioural analysis.
  • And we provide insights reports as required.

If you would like to know more about ZW Narrative Resilience Technology, and how it might benefit you, please feel free to get in touch.