Our brief was to change behaviour and attitudes in the general public around mental health, and in particular around psychosis. For this we worked with partners Psychosis Research Unit, Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, and Arts Council England.

Applying ZW Narrative Resilience Technology, we re-worked and extended an existing stage play and book based on the true story of a young man with schizophrenia. With an emphasis on large-scale societal participation, we developed this extended narrative as a mobile app, and integrated it into a physical tour of the stage play and book across the north of England. We built the narrative app with a self-select mental health stigma study embedded into it, complete with back-end data capture and export facilities to allow for detailed quantitative analysis.

This was a major proof of concept project for Ziggy’s Wish and ZWNRT, and has paved the way for us to become the leading suppliers of autonomous behaviour change support.