Underpinned by neuroscience, ZW Narrative Resilience Technology is designed to strategically stimulate interrelated brain areas, within a carefully constructed, supportive and entertaining context.

It does this by creating emotionally engaging narrative environments for your people (employees, patients, trainees, citizens…) to interact with, that contain many practical dilemmas.

Each narrative environment is unique to your organisation, built to target the specific issues you are facing.

Your people are invited to enter and explore these narrative environments, and to navigate the situations they find themselves in. Crucially, they also experience the consequences of their actions.

Decisions that your people make within the narrative environment are recorded by the ZWNRT system, prompting:

  • Immediate intervention within the narrative environment; and
  • Data export out of the narrative environment.

The immediate intervention is based on professional psychology, and is designed to promote cognitive resilience in your people.

The data export provides analysis and insights from the your people that can help inform your organisation’s real-world policy.

Both sets of records inform further development of the narrative environments if the narratives are ongoing.

Ongoing, or ‘episodic’ narrative environments are particularly effective at tackling highly complex and costly problems involving very large numbers of people; for example disruptive transition in a company with many thousands of employees, or treatment compliance in patients with serious mental illness.

If you would like to know more about ZW Narrative Resilience Technology, and how it might work for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.