We offer inspiring talks, that allow engagement and behaviour-change to be explored in thought-provoking ways.

We talk to audiences across many sectors, levels and departments. For example: health, arts, gaming, technology, energy, corporate, education and HR. We are passionate about representation of diverse voice, and keen to push the debate.

We welcome public speaking requests. If you are interested in booking us for an event, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Talks we have given include:

2018: Great Yarmouth & Waveney Acute Service Centre, Ipswich UK. Invited speaker. ‘HOAX and Hearing Voices’

2018: Result CIC, Manchester UK. Invited speaker. ‘HOAX and The Whole Self’

2018: Arts Health Research Network, Manchester UK. Invited speaker. ‘An Evening With Ravi Thornton’

2018: Develop:Brighton. Invited speaker. ‘Fostering an Inclusive Mindset for the Future of Games Development’

2018: Pint of Science Festival, Manchester UK. Invited speaker. ‘Putting Psychosis on the Stage’

2017: Kosmopolis, Barcelona Spain. Invited Speaker. ‘From the Book to the Screen and Beyond’

2017: Strategic Clinical Network Event, Manchester UK. Invited speaker. ‘Animated Introduction to IAPT for BAME Communities’

2017: SICK! Festival, Manchester UK. Panel speaker. ‘On The Couch: Fractured Identities’

2016: Museum’s Night, Barcelona Spain. Invited Speaker. ‘Engaging the Visitor’

2016: Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong. Invited speaker. ‘Ravi Thornton: Comics and Graphic Novels’

2016: University of Nottingham, Nottingham UK. Invited speaker. ‘Comics, Politics and Adaptation’

2015: Apple Store Plaça Catalunya, Barcelona Spain. Invited Speaker. ‘Between the Book and the Videogame’

2015: NHS Research and Development NW Conference, Manchester UK: Invited speaker. ‘Public Engagement and Performance’

2015: European Shale Gas and Oil Summit, Manchester UK: Invited speaker. ‘Public Engagement when You are the Barrier.’

2014: 5th International Graphic Novel and Comics Conference, London UK: Invited speaker. ‘A Case Study in Crossmedia and Academic Collaboration’

2014: Laydeez Do Comics, London/Leeds UK: Invited speaker. ‘Intersections: Crossing Genres, Traditions and Media’

2013: Comics & Medicine Conference, Brighton UK: Invited Speaker. ‘The Ethics of Graphic Memoir and Autobiography’