We use a range of storytelling techniques to support people and projects. We take a flexible approach, designing and delivering models and workshops to fit your needs; but we specialise particularly in the creation and co-creation of graphic novels.

We are also a proud supporting partner of the Scottish conservation project BRAE NEW WORLD.


We are delighted to have partnered with environmental regeneration and rewilding project BRAE NEW WORLD …

Case Studies

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OUR PARK, 2020-2021 (Themes: vulnerable persons, neurodiversity, community creative exchange, urban green space, safe space) …

Tailored Treatments

Tailored Treatments for Cancer, 2019-2021 (Themes: cancer, genomics, personalised medicine, professional, patient and carer perspectives) …

The HOAX Project

The HOAX Project, 2012-2018 (Themes: psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia, suicide, treatment, therapy, drugs, family, mental health) …

Sasha’s Trial

Trials of the Mind feat. Sasha’s Trial, 2015 (Themes: dementia, anxiety, intergenerational mental health)   …

About Us

Ziggy’s Wish was founded by Jos Bhuiyan (otherwise known by author name Ravi Thornton) in 2014, to develop and deliver storytelling innovation for social benefit.

Our Mission

Ziggy’s Wish is a committed social enterprise. We strive to do positive work that helps …

Our Name

We are often asked where the name Ziggy’s Wish comes from. Here is the story …


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