Our Retreats

From 2023, under our new operating name Brae New World, we will be offering uniquely structured workshop retreats on our 28-acre woodland site in Aberdeenshire.

Building on our multi-award-winning work as Ziggy’s Wish, our retreats will use a range of storytelling techniques to support individuals and groups around complex issues such a mental health, marginalization, social vulnerability and personal agency.

Guided by a range of brilliant facilitators, and supported as always by the Ziggy’s Wish team, participants will experience a series of woodland-based Nature • Nurture • Narrative sessions.

Participants will live environmentally sustainably and off-grid for the duration of the retreat, with the opportunity to practically engage in the woodland’s ongoing rewilding and conservation programme, allowing for a true connection to Nature. This Nurture of the land and sense of positive contribution, knowing they are leaving the environment in a better condition than that which they found it, will ground participants as they undergo a process of creative transformation, voicing their truths and expressing them in Narrative form.

About Us

Founded by Ravi Thornton in 2011 after the loss of her brother to schizophrenia and suicide, Ziggy’s Wish began as a way to share conversations about those difficult issues in a beautiful, creative, raw and honest way. This conversation grew into The HOAX Project, which ran for six years and went on to be the world’s first proven study of the social-recovery impact of multi-faceted narrative. Since then we have formally incorporated and, alongside The HOAX Project, have developed and delivered many other projects (see our Case Studies).

Ziggy’s Wish is a committed social enterprise. Our mission is to use storytelling innovation for social and environmental benefit. Put simply, we strive to do positive work that helps change the world for the better.

Our work has been recognised for several awards – including TIC Anoia Technology for Social Purpose, National Lottery Good Causes Award, Clinical Research Impact HSJ Award, Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize, Comics in Education Graphic Novel of the Year, British Comic Awards Best Book, Comica Top Ten British Graphic Novels and more – but none of these are more important to us than the feedback we receive from the people we directly impact (see our Testimonials and Reviews).