We began in 2012 with a story based on Ravi’s brother who lived with psychosis

It was a story that later grew into a nationally-nominated, multi-award-winning arts, health and technology piece about mental health.

Since then the company’s grown, learned, innovated, and gathered many more awards along the way.

Now we’re a specialist team of three, operating out of Bolton in Manchester UK. We each have careers away from Ziggy’s Wish, but whenever a Ziggy’s Wish project arrives, we come together to discuss it and work out the best way forward. We treat every enquiry as a problem to be solved with realistic ideas and the utmost respect; and we don’t take on anything unless we believe we can deliver it to the highest standards.

  • Ravi Thornton – Lead Scriptwriter
  • Jordi Sola – Chief Technology Officer
  • Rick Redfern – Dramaturg

The three of us bring all the core skills necessary to create powerful, emotionally resonant and technically strategic scripts.

However when it comes to putting together the actual graphic novel, film, play, app or website, our role changes to project management as we bring in the talent! We have an excellent and diverse network of contractors to call upon. These are highly skilled writers, illustrators, artists, designers, printers, publishers, photographers, counsellors, coaches, researchers, directors, producers, musicians, filmmakers, games designers, dancers, actors and more, whom we know and trust and love to work with.

You can find comments from some of our contractors on our Testimonials & Reviews page.



Our unique work at Ziggy’s Wish has been recognised for many awards since we began …

These include:

  • TIC Anoia Technology for Social Purpose 2018 (winner)
  • National Lottery Good Causes 2018 (finalist)
  • National Lottery Good Causes 2017 (nominated)
  • Innovate UK Design Foundations 2017 (selected)
  • Arts Councils England Strategic Touring Programme 2016 (awarded)
  • Research for Patient Benefit Grant 2016 (awarded)
  • Clinical Research Impact HSJ Award 2015 (shortlisted)
  • Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize 2015 (longlisted)
  • The People’s Book Prize 2014/15 (longlisted)
  • Comics in Education Graphic Novel of the Year 2014 (winner)
  • Medicine Unboxed Creative Prize 2014 (shortlisted)
  • British Comic Awards Best Book 2014 (longlisted)
  • Comica Top Ten British Graphic Novels 2014 (official selection)
  • Critic’s Poll Publishers Weekly 2014 ((official selection)
  • Arts Councils England Grants for the Arts 2014 (awarded)