Assimilating Applied Narrative into your project is a highly effective way of increasing engagement with it. Everyone loves a good story, and finds it much easier to connect to something when it has a story they can relate to.

Our Applied Narratives are designed specifically to help people connect to your project in a way that shows them why your endeavour is important, and why they should be a part of it – whether they are public, patient, community, student, employee, or any other population you might be working with.

Applied Narrative works on both an emotional, and a practical engagement level. To be successful, the quality in both these regards must be second to none. Fortunately, we’re highly skilled, multi-award-winning writers, creatives and technologists 🙂

  • We take the practical points you wish to explore with your research project;
  • We script an emotion-driven story around those points;
  • We manifest that story as a narrative, in one or more mediums;
  • We make sure the practical structure of the narrative will actively enhance your population’s knowledge and understanding of your project, in a way which supports your aims and objectives.