From 2023, under our new operating name Brae New World, we will be offering uniquely structured workshop retreats on our 28-acre woodland site in Aberdeenshire.

Building on our multi-award-winning work as Ziggy’s Wish, our retreats will use a range of storytelling techniques to support individuals and groups around complex issues such a mental health, marginalization, social vulnerability and personal agency.

Guided by a range of brilliant facilitators, and supported as always by the Ziggy’s Wish team, participants will experience a series of woodland-based Nature • Nurture • Narrative sessions.

Participants will live environmentally sustainably and off-grid for the duration of the retreat, with the opportunity to practically engage in the woodland’s ongoing rewilding and conservation programme, allowing for a true connection to Nature. This Nurture of the land and sense of positive contribution, knowing they are leaving the environment in a better condition than that which they found it, will ground participants as they undergo a process of creative transformation, voicing their truths and expressing them in Narrative form.