Peel Park (working title), 2020-2021




The Wider Project
The Role of Ziggy’s Wish



The Wider Project


The University of Salford and Community Creative Exchange project seeks to foster creative collaborations between university students and local community members, particularly as many new students come to the university every year knowing nothing about the area.

This wider project also feeds into the Salford Learning City Partnership, which brings together Salford City Council, The University of Salford, Salford CVS, The Lowry, Salford Foundation and Broughton Trust among others, and seeks to develop a different style of learning, to serve Salford citizens of all ages and from all backgrounds, using the Salford community’s knowledge and expertise to drive that development.

‘We need to treasure people, not measure people.”

As part of Salford’s community, the Loaves and Fishes organisation offers services to local people that – alongside food, benefits, personal healthcare and signposting ­– include opportunities for learning and activities. It was through this that The University of Salford and Community Creative Exchange project developed, with students and staff from the university visiting the Loaves and Fishes centre to begin a conversation around creative writing. This is turn encouraged a group to come together and work collectively in order to give voice to their own experiences. Leading out of that was the group’s decision to create their own graphic novel of those experiences – and The University of Salford commissioned Ziggy’s Wish to help with that process.



The Role of Ziggy’s Wish


The group had decided to set their story in Salford’s historic Peel Park – one of the first public parks to be opened in England. There was no shortage of ideas from the group, and our role was to help harness and shape those ideas into a tangible structure that could translate into a physical book, to be completed and printed by the end of 2021.

Currently focusing on character development, the project explores how individual voice can be channeled through characters in a way that keeps the personal references but also makes the story welcoming for all.

The more technical graphic novel aspects of structural development and illustration will come later, but are nonetheless being explored alongside so that the project can remain group-informed at all stages.

The work is being carried out via weekly online facilitated sessions, with group members completing supporting ‘homework’ in between.