We can involve everyone in the process, from your project team to your multiple stakeholders …

Deciding to share your project and its complex information through storytelling is the first step. But if you also want the story to give voice to the people who affect or are affected by your project, then you will need to engage and involve those people in the story-making process.

There are many opportunities in the methods that we use to create our graphic novels and other media, that allow for exciting and meaningful co-creation between ourselves, your team, and any wider stakeholders you might want to bring in.

We are highly experienced in delivering intimate stakeholder engagement events around extremely personal and challenging subject matters. We prioritise voice, respect and safety, whilst curating an environment that encourages disclosure and expression. We always listen, and we never judge.

If you think your project might require stakeholder co-production, then please get in touch at the earliest opportunity to arrange a no-obligation chat.