We enable your stakeholders to co-create the content for their own meaningful lived-experience graphic novel …

Graphic novels are long-form comics, using words and images together to tell a story. Graphic short-stories are shorter versions of this. And comic strips are shorter again. Each of these formats work well for co-created works.

We have a number of models that can be used or adapted by you, allowing you to enable your stakeholders to express their own experiences through the lens of sequential-art storytelling, and to explore those expressions in a safe way.

These models range from group sessions over several months; through supported fortnights incorporating one-day workshops; to one-day workshops where the emphasis is less on curated output and more on the process of opening up pathways to expression.

They can be delivered by single- or multi-person-delivery teams, depending on the sensitivities of the group and complexity of subject matter.

Or they can be adapted to bring you yourselves into the delivery team, allowing for very direct engagement with your stakeholders, as well as a ‘train the trainer’ approach.

Case studies: OUR PARK, Tailored Treaments