Our graphic novels are perfect for representing multi-thread issues whilst encouraging audience engagement and understanding …

Graphic novels are long-form comics, using words and images together to tell a story.

They’re an ideal way to present multiple points of view, especially when those points of view revolve around a difficult situation.

Our graphic novels are strategically developed to help audiences hear and see other people’s points of view, and to understand why those views are valid and important to those people. As they’re dialogue driven, they’re a brilliant way to support conversation. They’re also an ideal format to overcome language barriers or different literacy levels that might exist in your audience.

Graphic novels can have many different styles and tones, and are very flexible in terms of size and scale. This means we’ll always be able to find the perfect style and tone for your project and your budget.

If you think a graphic novel could help to support your project, then please get in touch to arrange a no-obligation call. We’re always very happy to chat.