If you already have storytellers in your team, we’re happy to help you develop them …

Whatever your project – technical, scientific, academic or community – you will often have team members who are very creative.

We love to nurture creativity! So if an individual or a group in your team would like to create a story in order to share your project information, but they need a little help going about it, we can provide that. Whether your storytellers are interested in creating a graphic novel, film, play, app or website, Ziggy’s Wish can offer expert narrative advice as well as tangible tips on turning their ideas into reality.

Or maybe you have storytellers amongst your wider stakeholders, who need that bit of extra help to find their voice. In these cases, if your storytellers would benefit from personal development, we can offer one-to-one mentoring to support confidence, goal setting, finding solutions, managing conflict and sharing experiences, as well as creative thinking and narrative expression.

You can find comments from some of our mentees on our Testimonials & Reviews page.