As well as graphic novels, we deliver narrative via screen, stage, apps and the web …

The secret to making great accessible stories from complex information lies in the script. Once a script is written, it can be adapted to many formats.

Ziggy’s Wish specialises in graphic novels, but we are just as comfortable supporting your project with a film, a play, a narrative-based app for mobile devices, or a narrative-based website.

  • Each format has its own strengths, for example:
  • Graphic novels provide the perfect space for reflection;
  • Films are great for group discussions;
  • Plays are perfect for high-emotional impact;
  • Apps and websites are interactive and allow for digital data capture.

Sometimes you might want your project representing in a combination of formats, especially if it is particularly complex, or if your stakeholders are particularly diverse. In these cases we can adapt the same script across different formats, or we can deliver different parts of the script across different formats, depending on the outcomes you require.