Applied Narrative is the strategic use of narrative to achieve social objectives.

Imagine a counselling session, where a person is invited to safely explore a difficult experience. As they go through this process, their knowledge and understanding of that experience grows. The way the session is structured helps the person to connect to multiple emotional touchpoints in and around their experience. Engaging with these touchpoints in this safe and supported way allows the person to feel more in control, and encourages their resilience.

This is the basis of Applied Narrative. We invite people into a narrative experience such that their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter grows. The way we structure the narrative and its emotional touchpoints helps people to feel more in control around that subject matter, and fosters their resilience. If the subject is particularly difficult or taboo, we use crossmedia or mutifacted narrative to expand the narrative experience and increase the number of emotional touchpoints within it. This encourages deeper engagement with the experience, helping to overcome significant barriers such as confidence and stigma.

Used strategically, Applied Narrative is a very effective way to engage people with new, difficult or delicate subject matter, and to encourage positive outcomes.